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Asmi Jafar

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Outreachy Blog #1: Introduce Yourself.

I’m a Computer Science graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, India. I have been profoundly influenced by technology and the various ways it can be used to express art. I love to do coding and creating projects and have the curiosity to learn and contribute to projects. Almost every field of Computer Science piques my interest, more specifically development (Web development) and research. I have proficiency in languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and C programming language.

My core values are I'm always up for learning new things which helps me grow and makes me a better person than yesterday. I'm an honest person, I love honesty. Integrity is always been an eye-catcher for me. I'm a very integrated person. A person's values and integrity is what makes them different from others and valuable nothing can change that. My interests are painting and reading. I paint to view the world and read to visualize it. I want to mention one of my favorite quotes from my favorite book "The Last Lecture": The Brick walls are there for a reason, they are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

I always wanted to participate in some open source program and I love to contribute to free and open-source projects. And Outreachy is the best platform for it. Outreachy is an incredible initiative for promoting open source and diversity all over the world. I’m always excited to get onto new projects and am motivated to learn new stacks. With my contributions at Moja global, I found it very comfortable working with a talented team. I found the idea or purpose of Moja Global very insightful. The mission of Moja Global is to support ambitious climate action by developing open-source software. My interest in Moja Global grew as I interacted with the team and got to know more about its projects and future goals. I’m very excited to work on the project of this community by improving it and making it more efficient. Along the way, I will also learn new skills. That's what motivated me to apply to Outreachy.

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