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re: Okay thank you very much, I am working on solving that, I don't know what causes this, cause on localhost, its normal showing the full landing page...

Ah okay, if you're using React router or something along those lines, you may need to tweak some settings! I like the boldness of the resume page with the contrast! I would make sure the picture of you isn't stretched out! I would also reduce the space between the years and the titles for your experience. I would add some spacing to your about me. It will make it easier to read and draw people in! Even bold some text and make it bigger, you have space! I would also be consistent on fonts from page to page! Same thing with your projects, draw the person in with an image or something! I would also test the site on different sized pages and make sure it looks the way you want it to in all cases.

Cool design, very clean!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, I appreciate it and would make those adjustments while waiting for your test.

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