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re: Dear All, This thread is such a great idea. I have worked on this a great deal & am completion. I would love any feedback on it. It would b...

This is super great, I love the design of it. Agree that it is hard to read on smaller screens. I would also make it so that the links don't move on you! It makes it a little hard to navigate. I might also make the UI for the coded page a little clearer, I was a little confused on how to see everything. I'm not seeing anything on the connect or learning pages as a heads up. Super incredible design!


TY Ali!

THANKS so much for the comments! –great advice for the movement of the menu links. It's overkill. πŸ™„.

I like animations, but perhaps the goal isn't to confuse and frustrate visitors #whoKnew?

Anyway... thanks for this thread.

awesome idea.

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