Intro to Generative Art

Ali Spittel on September 25, 2018

Generative art can be an intimidating topic -- it seems like there is a lot of math involved, and art is tricky in itself! But, it doesn't have t... [Read Full]
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+1 for P5 and Dan Shiffman. Check out The Nature of Code for a bunch of cool tutorials and projects!


I was just hanging out with @shiffman today!

Great stuff @aspittel . I'm also impressed the page isn't all that laggy for me with all this stuff going on.


Shameless plug:
I created Pencil.js for this kind of use. I learned p5.js a while ago and became frustrated by the syntaxe. I love OOP and it make a lot of sense in the graphical realm.

Check out the examples.


This is awesome and thanks for sharing one of my little projects! Mine was made during a workshop with Tim Holman, he is awesome as is his generative artistry project!

And working with canvas inspired me to do some other drawing based stuff, like the post I released this week on audio visualisation in React.


Thanks for a great intro. Thats what i was looking for.


Very cool. Love to see more takes on the artistic side of development, and the potential of programming as a creative outlet.


Cool, thanks. Looks like something to spend a few evenings with. :)


Fantastic post Ali! I have been trying to get into more of this type of work on my own projects as I believe it adds another level of engagement for audiences. Keep up the great work.


Yeah! I totally agree -- especially interactive elements to sites. Thanks!


Another parallel question is how to generate short HQ AVI file from JS show on canvas?


I haven't worked with an AVI file before with canvas, sorry!

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