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Learn Code from Us: Developer Thread

Ali Spittel on October 29, 2018

Learn Code from Us is now open to contributors on GitHub! This thread is an open forum for discussing potential changes and answering questions a... [Read Full]
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Thank you! There are some issues open on the repo, or you can feel free to propose something else!

Would also love feedback on where to improve?


Yes! If you are interested in learning React, there are quite a few issues that you could conquer after doing an introductory tutorial if you are comfortable with JavaScript! You could also contribute to documentation or CSS!

Would love working on the doc and CSS how do I proceed ¿

Yay! here are some open issues -- a lot are claimed already, but feel free to still submit a documentation upgrade or a css tweak if you have one!


Can you collaborate if you're posting in languages other than English? I think there's not enough content for Spanish speakers out there, and I'm making an effor to create some.


So everyone can collaborate by writing code for the repo!

You can also be featured on the site for sure!

Here's the repo --, there's also a form on there to apply to be featured!


Does the site have a toggle for switching between English and Spanish? I feel like it would be a lot of work, though.

When the switch is toggled, you would have to switch out all of the translated content. Or perhaps have a subdomain ( or a different domain ( and redirect the user there perhaps.

I love that idea! Maybe just using React-Router for filtering languages -- like, to filter by language? Then add a column to the data that stores language -- home page shows everyone, pages show filtered by language? Or we could just add another filter similar to the tag one but for language?

Sounds great to me.

I have no idea when it comes to React, but it seems like a great way to implement it.


I would love to add some more nice animations to the site -- anybody have ideas for what would look good?


Hi Ali I made a PR to change the home link from an a tag to react-router Link component, is there a reason why you used an a tag?


Nope! I'm going to merge your PR ASAP -- thank you so much!


Make the frameworks more modular, and turn key, as in one click, and standalone, not a bunch of files linked together that don't run anything useful on their own... I don't care about that code, oh and shell scripts, lots and lots of shell scrips, we love scripts, and automation. Environments like Vagrant and Virtualbox are kind of interesting to me. PS with a nice shiny front end like has.


Wait, is this in response to the project using React? It's a static site, so no need for Vagrant or Virtualbox I don't think.


@rmsim brought up an awesome point: what's the best way to document React components? She shared this which I think is great!


Oh! There aren't hearts on there yet or reactions -- it's just a static site, but that could be good down the road!

Here's the url btw:

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