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All Resources To Help You Start Your Open-Source Journey: Open Source Gallery

Do you want to start your open source journey? Don't know where to start? Difficulty in finding suitable projects according to your tech stack? Then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to discuss a resource gallery that I curated to help beginners get into the open-source world.

Open Source Gallery


Are you a beginner? Wants to start open-source? Don't know how, where, why to start?

You are welcome! You are in right place.😊

Open-Source-Gallery provides you with all the resources needed to become a good open-sourcer.

The motive🎯 of this project is to help new learners like you to get familiar with the world of open-source.


Every Learner has different preferences, some find docs are easy to understand and learn from there, some prefer video. I have taken care of all that while curating these resources.

Even after being willing to start, newbies find it difficult to find projects and communities I have taken care of that.

Open Source Gallery includes:

  • Videos📹
  • Articles📝
  • Projects🦾
  • Programs and Internships Opportunities☕
  • Communities🔥
  • Key Peoples🧑‍💻

What Else⚡

I have also included some other resources and resources gallery apart from open source. Hope it will help you in your learning.

This resource gallery was 1st curated on Notion but now it is hosted on GitHub. If you find this helpful, don't forget to give it a on GitHub.

Happy learning.👍

So, What are you waiting for? Start here

Final Words✅

Open Source Gallery is made with a view to helping everyone, It will be constantly updated with new and valuable resources. So you all are welcome to add more resources to the repository and share it with everyone out there who is going to start open-source in 2022.

Don't forget to give it a on GitHub.

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