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Mojave + VirtualBox

I have finally decided to upgrade my macs to Mojave from High Sierra. For my work machine however, VirtualBox simply stopped working and throwing NS_ERROR_FAILURE on startup. Similar to this. Trying to reinstall won't work because the installer will fail at the last step.

I have tried everything suggested from disabling Gatekeeper to many many iterations of uninstall/reinstall. Almost every solution suggested clicking Allow on the Security & Privacy tab but it never appeared.

What worked for me finally was: macos - VirtualBox 5.2 Won't Install on Mac OS 10.13 - Ask Different which boils down to:

Go into recovery mode (reboot with Cmd + R during loading screen) and open the terminal:

spctl kext-consent disable
spctl kext-consent add VB5E2TV963
spctl kext-consent enable 

That is basically the Allow part which will finally make the install successful. VB5E2TV963 is the Oracle id that we are allowing.

If you are in similar situation, I hope this will help.

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