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Amirul Asyraf
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Hotwire in Action 🚀

Hotwire is a new and perfect tool to build a "just enough" or modest front-end stuff by sending HTML over the wire without using much Javascript 🥳 . In fact, one of Hotwire stack, StimulusJS is already wide-used by many awesome project and website since it debut. The most important thing about Hotwire is we can use it in any language or backend tool, not specifically for Rails. Either Go, Php, Django, Hotwire can build with it 🔥. Cool right.

Hotwire ship with 3 main tools 🛠 (StimulusReflex is a great combination tho) ;

Hotwire Stack

✅ Strada (soon)

Here, I create a list of awesome Open source applications, and websites that use Hotwire in Action. For example ;



What do you waiting for ???

Here we go 🚀.

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Omri Gabay • Edited

StackOverflow is using Hotwire? Since when? and where?

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Amirul Asyraf

They use StimulusJs