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Atharva Shankar avhad
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Best Design Trends for 2023

Long story shorts

I was just wandering in figma and, wondering about life

until,, I though how professional I can get While just making small changes.
so I created very simple design

so we'll gonna start list

1. minimalism

so this is just a simple design you can just make it. but this is where new programmers or designer get lost. ok for stater create a minimal file then do anything, like [color theory, glassmorphism, noemorphism , anything].


2. drop shadowing

Now this design you will use, when your doing backend only, or just programming practice ok :).
this is design is very simple. just as minimal as first one. but it looks good.


3. color theory

this just basic. I was going for a RICH design. so I use golden color. and I also needed smooth colors. so I lower saturation and contrast.


4. Images

This thing can make design make or brake. I just went to and downloaded the photo. Its simple


5. Dark mode

Naa, I am Not going talk about it just look at it its too simple just turn background black

Image description

6. big typography

I read somewhere that big typography looks awesome. so I tested it and its pretty good.

remember keep position crazy not in center

Image description

7. glassmorphism

this is last one

this design has been trending for for around a year. to make it better add good image and video.
I Just Recommend Video

Image description


Be Experimental

see, don't use just a single design. try mixing them. just look above and look below.

Image description

this is me experimenting dark mode and color theory



Image description

add glow in dark mode

Image description

this is me experimenting dark mode, color theory and big typography

Image description

just added Glassmorphism here

Soo Be experimental


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