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react native- JavaScript is everywhere

react native runs on both iOS and Android as well as windows
Welcome react native, now JavaScript runs on Android, Windows and iOS like anywhere!

Being a JavaScript developer, making mobile apps was just a WebView with our site running.
But now, we have react native which takes a but different approach and makes the application feel like a truly native application. It's having components to make android and iOS like UI.

And the code actually resembles the react code.
That means that you can make native apps with a little knowledge of react native.


npm install -g create-react-native-app
# OR
yarn add -g create-react-native-app
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create-react-native-app myReactiveApp
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This will install and configure react-native in a directory.

the cli!

the cli comes pretty handy in react-native. Install it with:

npm install -g react-native-cli
# OR
yarn add -g react-native-cli
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using the cli

use yarn run to see available commands for your project:

yarn run
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React-native is really easy if you know some react
You can quickly learn the basics here if you have a good knowledge of react.

why react native ?

it's good :)
React native comes with a lot of advantages for a JavaScript developer

  • open source
  • free
  • great community
  • easy to learn ( if you know react a lill )
  • lots of components!

any alternative ?

Yes!, See my next article for intro to android.js which ships your nodejs application to and Android app!

wrapping up

Always bet on JavaScript.

originally published here at my blog

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