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Implementation of cluster module for react-map-gl

Rahul kumar
I am a computer science engineer by passion.
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To understand the entire repository you should first know about mapbox and react-map-gl.

mapbox is used to create high-quality maps and react-map-gl is a wrapper around mapbox for react.

What is a cluster?

Now, a question arises that what is cluster and clustering in maps. Clustering in maps displays the count of entities at some point when multiple entities colliding at that point.

Let's take 4 coordinates for example. Suppose two coordinates are near to each other. So, when the user minimizes the map then both coordinates marker will override each other.

Marker is an icon that is used to represent an entity at some coordinate on the map

This repository contains the implementation of the cluster in react-map-gl.

Github Repo


Room for improvement

  1. zoom at some coordinates after clicking on the cluster
  2. create npm package, so anyone can use this easily

I'm looking for help to complete the above functionality.
If anyone wishes to help me then raise an issue on the repository.


Whether you would like to contribute to this repository or not, make sure to see what it contains. If possible then clone and run this codebase and tell me how can I improve this.

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