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Who am I | Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah

Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah
I am studying for a Bachelors in Telecommunications in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology at the University of Sindh. I expect to graduate in Spring, 2021.
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My name is Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah, a Junior Machine Learning Engineer and Cyber Security Enthusiast.


I help businesses automate their daily activities, detect anomalies, predict outcomes and improve daily sales while reducing cost, all by leveraging the power of machine intelligence. Also able to work on web Penetration Testing.

I have been able to build:

  • Stock prediction models
  • Cancer detection model
  • Diabetes prediction model
  • Rainfall prediction model.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • Bug Bounty Etc.

I am still learning as my field expects continuous training and practice.


I use tools such as:
Python programming language
Pandas, for exploratory data analysis
MATLAB for ML toolbox and other Engineering solutions
Numpy, for scientific computing
Seaborn and matplotlib for visualization
Scikit-Learn for machine learning
Tensorflow for Deep learning
Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking


Considering the continuous need for an automated society where we need, less to do more, earn more and live happier and healthier. My field embodies and empowers this process by building a learning pipeline through which machines could be taught to carry out traditional activities humans are known to do. E.g in healthcare system my field can help doctors predict the cause of an individuals ailment by going through the symptoms revealed by the data collected from such person.

Traditional programs may not be able to recognize image patterns. But my field enables this process with the like of programs such as facial recognition systems, self driving cars etc.

Facebook's text limitation may not grant me lease to explain what my domain demonstrates. But I believe I'm saving lives and working on problems that are beyond the scope of traditional software development.

I am Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah

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