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Discussion on: If you fantasize about quitting dev, what you have in mind to do?

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Jakob Attkinson

Trying to answer this very question myself for the past 5-6 months. Without much success.

I am not a great developer not as committed as one should be. I just haven't found anything else I could decently do. Yet

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Mike Bybee

Don't force it. Finding that passion just might make you better at both. You just might find something normally outside of code that code can make better. And if not, who cares? Do what makes you happy (and pays well enough to enjoy a decent, happy life).

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David Aldridge

I would say that you can be as committed as you want to be, and no more. There's a lot of industry pressure to be "passionate", to have side projects, etc, but if that doesn't make you happy then don't do it.

Live a balanced life on your own terms.