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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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Jakob Attkinson

You'll find more libraries and frameworks than you could learn in a lifetime.
While I think it's good to get a basic understanding of what's really trending, I would recommend you focus on something that gets you further.
Do you plan to get a job where Vue is the main focus, or does the company that offers your dream job work primarily with Vue? If so, then by any means, focus on Vue.
Otherwise, maybe it makes more sense to build a greater project / product with what you know by enhancing your skills.

If you wanna take a look at something that's not really popular, but that I like it much more than React, then take a look at Aurelia.

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Arika O Author

Thx for the input. I never heard of Aurelia, I will check it out :).

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Jakob Attkinson • Edited on

To be honest, after getting a chance to learn and work with Aurelia for 1.5 years ish and then with React, I can't understand why people are crazy about React. Oh well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯