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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Jakob Attkinson

Some of us get involved with our jobs more than just "9-to-5" kind of thing. For example, after I started my current job, for about 3 years I was "working" over 12 hours a day. It wasn't requested by the company, but after the 8 hours I would stay in the office with a few collegs, open a beer and discuss for hours our product, changes, impact and so on.
I even went on to restructure the entire operational team, even tho it wasn't part of my job and I wasn't even paid for it.

After those 3 years, any sane human asking to look at my GH profile or any other profile is just crazy. Why would I go home after 8 hours to work on small projects when I could make a real impact at the company I work and I believe in? If that's what they are looking for, I'm pretty sure I'm not a good fit.