How to be a super-effective remote developer?

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Hello coding people, As you might know, I always write articles about coding, Programming, Freelancing, and Web. In this article, I am going to explain to you How to be a Super Active as a Programmer as you expect here. So get ready

1-Work goal. 🎯🎳

Define your goals before you start - Create a list and work your way through the list.

Tip: I recommend to use a whiteboard or prototyping tool.

2-Set working hours like you are working at the office! ⏰

Begin with setting 4-6 hours in your day for work. start and end at the same time. Your brain will understand your schedule and adapt to your workflow to work better.

Tip: I recommend to work 4-6 hours per day.

3-Use Pomodoro technique 🥋🥊

The main thing is to rest every 25 minutes. So your cycle will be like 25 mins work + 5 mins rest.

Tip A: Don’t use your computer or smartphone when rest! Make some sport exercises to cheer up your brain.
Tip B: Turn off all notifications when you are working to improve your concentration.

4-Use to-do lists📃

When you have a plan it’s much more easy to concentrate on work. Make max 2-3 complex big items and max 5-6 small.

Tip A: Start your day by finishing the hardest ones.
Tip B: use apps to manage your time and work.

5-Divide big tasks to smaller ones.🪓

Big tasks could take 2-4 hours. And it will be much better for your brain to pass 10 small tasks instead of 1 big. it’s like a competition. Closing 10 tasks sound more impressively, right? you will be pleased by yourself and be more motivated.

Tip A: like if you have a website project divide it into pages. And if you have a web app divide it into the component.

6-Work around your most productive parts fo the day.👨🏼‍💻

If you’re a morning person then jam hard in the AM and take calls and meeting in the afternoon.

Tip: It depends on your chronotype If you don't know yours, then watch.


7-Email time 📧

Only check email in the morning and night - Set a certain amount of time and shot for inbox zero, if you can’t get there… leave it.


Turn off your notifications - News, Social Media, etc… are all begging for your attention, but 99.9% of the time it’s not an emergency.

Tip: or logout from apps!

9-Get rewarded 🏆🥇

Get in the Habit of rewarding yourself for staying focused - On your breaks get yourself a good coffee or stretch your legs.

Tip: I look out from my window 🕊🦚🦉

window view

I learn Programming from here

So, what do you think about these ideas? Are you going to try it out to increase your effectiveness? 🤔

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All of this!

But most of all, setting predictable office hours.

They don't need to cover 100% of your working time, but they should set a reasonable default daily commitment. Having a clear schedule where you know you are going to show up and try to move things along, as well as a clear stopping point where if you feel like you want to wrap up for the day you can without any sort of guilt is super helpful.


Yes brother I am agree with your thoughts 👏👏 you have real time experience


Could you recommend some tools to help organize and keep track work? I'm going to be a remote web developer this year, some tips will help alot!!


Hey raphael first of all congratulations 👏 for remote journey✌️ and the tool is used in our organisation is firstbase for remote work or tasks. But in many cases who are freelancers i recommend them a simple to list app no to much complexity simple, and if you want something more powerful with extra features there huge variety of tools on internet 🤯 like monday.com etc
Are you freelancer or working in organization 🙄


I'm working on a organization, the second one to do a remote job in there. So, maybe I am starting a new convention, must be to good for them and so, maybe they think better and allow more people work remotely. That's why I'm asking for tools that help me in this task.

I suggest you use a todo app for now ☝️ that's it



I'll use the idea of checking the email only in the morning. I notice that I check the email more frequently when I work on a boring task.

Thanks for sharing :)


You are moving on right path 👣 brother one day this small habits will make big changes in your success 💓✌️☝️


I will take all these tips, I am starting in this wonderful world of web development learning, and motivating myself, so I appreciate this post and from tomorrow I will launch it


Cool, I love to see your progress in your coding journey :)


Well said. A few of the techniques actually resonate with me, the rest, well, I never thought of them but they sure seem convincing.


Yes brother, I have just try to clear mind set of remote developer. Because all this points i use in my day to remote life✌️🙏