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I'm like @damcosset

But I read a post where someone said they they could not concentrate for a long time. But instead of trying to "fix" themselves they embraced it.

They'd work for a bit one project A, then read some internet feeds, then work on project A or project B, then play some video games.

I have started to embrace that.

Now it's just a case of starting more then one project so that when I'm board of one I can jump to another.

I haven't figured it out yet but I used to be like that cartoon, I might "hate today" and so procrastinate all day. Instead now I procrastinate because I want a brake and then get back to being productive

Edit -- And this way, at the end of the day I feel good, in comparison to procrastinating or dragging my feet all day, it used to guilty and old (I can't fully explain the cringe worthy feeling)


A similar thing here. Recently discovered my concentration was becoming tougher, so I embraced the distractions. Sometimes I'd have Twitter and other random stuff open in a few tabs. I'd work a bit, and when I start to lose focus, switch to Twitter. Kinda helps keep my mind fresh.

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