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2019 In Review

Heya folks, Hope your holiday season went well! I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight home from the holidays. And since I'm apparently nostalgic trash I thought I'd take a moment and acknowledge the achievements of this year.


Big life events this year, for one I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Then I went on to get my first real full-time programming job.

I moved across the country and I furnished my apartment.

I completed three large software projects, One was used to grade assignments in the CS department at UGA this past fall semester. One is currently in the hands of its first users right now.

I completed a nanodegree, and I hit some large savings and financial milestones. And I started a blog.

This was a big year, a momentous year.


This was a good year, but it wasn't all good. I've got several areas to work on for next year. A huge area is my health. Having started my first full-time software gig means I'm also living my most sedentary lifestyle yet. And I failed to balance that with exercise, and a healthy diet. I ate and drank far too much at the end of this year.

In a larger sense that's indicative of a larger failure to maintain a work-life balance. I've done well at my job, but I'd like to start putting some effort into more areas of my life. Have more connections outside of work. And have more goals outside of software and work.

Overall I had a pretty good year. I have this image in my mind of doing this next year too.

How did your year go?

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