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Designing for Devs at Auth0

The identity job you're trying to do at the moment — and the most efficient way to tackle it — is what matters to Auth0.

Making sure our product reflects the simplicity and power you need, when you need it, is why we've embraced a "modalities" model when we work on our developer experience (DX). Because our platform is integrated tightly with our customers' applications, we want to provide developers with a slider on DX that fits the mode of the moment when working with Auth0.

In the Auth0 Product Team, our mission is to make identity simple regardless of the modality you choose to use. The questions that keep us up at night are: Is there a comparable experience across all the modalities? Can you perform a core action of using Auth0 via any of these approaches? Can you really choose your own adventure?

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Designing for Devs at Auth0

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