WordPress SSO with Auth0

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Auth0 is an identity platform that offers comprehensive authentication solutions to cover customers in every market sector. One of our most popular features is Single Sign-On or SSO, for short. This feature lets users sign in only once to gain access to different sites and mobile and web applications.

To help secure one of the most popular web platforms in the world with the flexibility and power of SSO, Auth0 offers WordPress developers the Login by Auth0 plugin, which provides SSO between different WordPress installs and applications on any other platform.

The concept of SSO can be a little confusing for developers and site administrators that may be new to it. So in this post, we'll explore the different concepts associated with SSO and how our WordPress plugin can help you.

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Auth0 offers an identity and access management solution that works out of the box from day one, with the ability to customize, extend, and build new features when you need them. Identity might be complex, but dealing with it shouldn’t be.


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