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re: I have a few guidelines I follow in training interns: 1: Learn to put yourself in the mind of a beginner. Put effort into recalling those feelings...

Great tips! That will help a lot thanks. One thing I realized I need to do is setup a notebook (I use for tracking students (non identifiable), the course, and any other notes.

That could work, although real notebooks are worth considering too. (I'm drooling over the TUL discbound notebook system.)

As you teach, you'll notice some topics come up a lot. When I notice these patterns, I like to write down the essentials of a difficult topic in an article and publish it here on Then, I can refer the intern right to the article, and I've saved myself 30-45 minutes per student. (They can always ask additional questions after reading the article.)

Oh writing is great too. I do bullet a journal too.

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