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Setup Cross Browser & Parallel Testing with SeleniumBase in under 2 mins!

In this post, we will cover how you can setup Cross Browser & Parallel Testing with SeleniumBase just in under 2 mins. SeleniumBase framework comes with many great functionalities to make your testing as painless as possible. One of those functionalities is the ability to do cross-browser and parallel testing, let’s see how we can do that –

Cross Browser Testing

By default, SeleniumBase will run your tests in the Chrome browser. However, you do have options to run your tests in other browsers such as Firefox, Edge, IE, Opera, PhantomJS, Safari, etc…

To run a test in a different browser, you simply need to pass in the browser flag during runtime –

pytest --browser=firefox

If you have the browser configured properly in your machine, the tests will start running in that browser.

Parallel Testing

To speed up your overall test execution time, SeleniumBase also allows you to be able to run your tests in parallel. Just like the cross-browser testing, this can be easily achieved by passing the appropriate flag –

pytest -n=4

-n is the number of instances it will spin up. For example, in this case, it will run the test_suite in 4 instances of the Chrome browser.

Both the cross-browser and the parallel testing can be done without any added configuration as it’s pre-baked with the SeleniumBase framework.

Check out the video below to learn more about Cross-Browser & Parallel Testing using the SeleniumBase framework –

To learn more about Selenium Python, check out the full tutorial series here for free!

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