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Here's my implementation in Racket

(define (mult-15? n)
  (and (mult-5? n)
       (mult-3? n)))

(define (mult-5? n)
  (= (modulo n 5) 0))

(define (mult-3? n)
  (= (modulo n 3) 0))

(define (fizzbuzz n)
    [(mult-15? n) "FizzBuzz"]
    [(mult-5? n) "Buzz"]
    [(mult-3? n) "Fizz"]
    [else n]))

(define (print-list xs)
  (map displayln xs))

(print-list (map fizzbuzz (range 1 101)))

The print-list function is a bit redundant, since (map fizzbuzz (range 1 101)) will already print the resulting list to the console.


Great stuff! I like racket a lot, but I haven't written any code in it myself. The fact that there are so many dialects of it is pretty cool to me.


Thanks! I've just started learning it myself. I can recommend the book Realm of Racket if you want to give it a shot.


Ah come on @avalander - surely you should've written a FizzBuzz DSL in Racket? 😉


I should, but I don't know enough Racket for that yet 😅

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