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Tech roundup  —  November 2018

Tech roundup  —  November 2018

Tech Insights for Leaders

Catch up the news you missed with this month’s tech news and insights roundup – essential reading if you’re an IT leader. This month we have an Artificial Intelligence special, plus a look at innovation and agile transformation.

How Large Enterprises Are Becoming More Agile and Saving Millions: Big corporations are starting to think like disruptors, adopting ‘codeless integration’ processes. read article

Robotic Process Automation: RPA is being looked at more and more, but is only a stopgap for lower risk entry-level approach to AI as the technology is not very smart for large enterprise needs. read article

How CIOs are using AI and machine learning: It’s all about processing and digesting data in smarter ways, relevant to the business objectives. read article

Cool Work Tech Tools

Tools to save you and your team time, and increase your productivity.

Authinity: Our very own modern, cloud based self-serve identity management. Put your users first with secure single sign on that is easy to use and customisable to suit your compliance needs. read article

AWS Certification for Machine Learning: Amazon opens up its internal machine learning training to everyone. Your team can gain the full info in the link below. read article

Tadabase: The world’s easiest, code-free database web app builder. Without writing a single line of code, you can create a powerful, professional, and potential-full database web app in minutes that will transform your business. read article

Cube.js: Serverless Analytics Framework — A complete analytics platform for your apps: frontend SDKs and API backed by a fully managed analytics infrastructure. read article

Sqoosh: Google Chrome Labs releases open source, browser-based image optimization tool. read article

Alternative Industry Insights

Interesting insights into technology to Level Up your knowledge.

Google Cloud and NASA hunt for life in the universe: Learn how researchers use Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and PyTorch to simulate exoplanet environments. read article

Will a Robot Take Your Job? The future isn’t all bleak  —  Although 75 million jobs could be displaced by the coming shift in labour, there will be 133 million new jobs created as well, particularly human skills remain in demand so your job is probably safe! read article

How to Survive in a World of Disruption: Insights into how to integrate startup culture into your large company, what an innovation pipeline is and how it works, how to remove innovation blockers. read article

Tech stuff we love

We cherry picked the juiciest stories for you

Everyday Use of AI: 9 Great Sites Where You Can Explore the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence. read article

Duplicate Art with AI: Instead of using traditional four CMYK inks, RePaint uses a combination of 10 different transparent inks, placed by a 3D printer and governed by a complex AI system. read article

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Imagine the future and check out this cool ceramic 3D printer and auto adjusting pillow. read article

Wasp-inspired robots open doors by themselves: A scary and exciting look into the future of miniature robots. read article

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