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One thing many engineers forget when contributing projects (mainly open source) is that behind the project we have people.

We don't know the people who are on the other side (project maintainers), generating the need for communication to be clear, and we don't assume that other people have the same knowledge as us (nobody knows what we have inside our head), even some concepts being obvious I made clear in communication (issue, pull request and so on). Finally, I have no attachment to code - code is a means to get to the solution of a problem.

When we are on the project maintainer's side: consider each (every) contribution as the person's best possible contribution, the contributor has left his or her tasks to contribute to a project that is not his or her own, try to understand why the person had an affinity to the project - this will help him or her to create a community (he or she will help you maintain the project)

good contribution friends, I'm passionate about Open Source project \o/


Yes yes totally agree!

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