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(Mis)Understanding REST

What a get can do if you don't know what it should do
What a get can do if you don't know what it should do

I have been working in IT industry for three years now, had already built a lot of http apis.

I worked in Java, golang, php while creating the apis but never knew if those were RESTful or not, so I was just thinking what REST actually is? and why we even needed it?

And then I read a few articles and was just getting somewhat understanding of REST. When I read the below article (Misunderstanding REST), everything was making sense to me but later on I got to know that those were the author's misunderstandings :(. Still it was a good read knowing that I knew nothing as I was nodding to all the misunderstandings.

Though I've got a tiny bit of grasp on what REST is now, I would suggest people reading the following articles, they are fun reads and I'm sure you will learn something or maybe unlearn something as well.

Misunderstanding REST

please read this only if you can read the next one because this is the one where the author had misunderstanding about REST and I had fallen for it

Uncovering of Misunderstanding REST

Following articles are good read on REST:

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