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Avneesh Agarwal
Avneesh Agarwal

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My experience of Hacktoberfest 2021

I have been participating in a great and the biggest event for open source this month- Hacktoberfest! In this article, I am going to tell you how I participated and how I enjoyed this event.

Hacktoberfest is about contributing to open source, not getting free swag.

I participated as a maintainer and a contributor this year at Hacktoberfest

What I did as a contributor

I have made a total of 16 Contributions this month so far and 15 of them got accepted! I am going to show you some of my PRs and what I did in those PRs-


In Hacktoberfest Projects I added some animations to make it look better and enhance the experience and interactivity of the user. This feature was also requested by the maintainer so I made a PR for the same :D.


4C Site

The 4C site was having many outdated packages and a few warnings that had to be fixed, so I decided to fix them up. It was pretty simple to fix. You can check out the Pull request here.


Webapis playground

In this app, I added a router progress bar, so that the user knows how much time it takes for them to reach the next page. The PR-


Nextjs birthday wish

In this repository the owner needed some help cuz he was fairly new to Next.js and he raised an issue on the same. I knew how to fix it so I took up the issue and did it, you can check out the PR here


Few more projects I contributed to-

I was glad to be able to contribute to all of these repositories and do whatever I could do to give back to open source :)

What I did as a maintainer

I was maintaining 4 repositories this year and I got some great contributions in all of them. If you all want then feel free to contribute to any of them :D.

Useful links-


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