How to do machine/deep learning on older laptops

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I have a really old HP Pavilion G6, which is capable of simple programming task(app/website development and writing scripts), but when it comes to deep learning specially with tensorflow, it just throttles and never gives output.

I have heard about splitting task on GPU(my GPU isn't good either) but haven't tried it so can someone give me suggestions about doing deep learning stuff on older laptops?

I have tried Kaggle kernels but the website becomes unresponsive sometimes.Also, I am a student so for now I don't have enough money to buy a new one

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Have you considered cloud computing? Google Colab gives you a Tesla K80 GPU for 12 hours in a row and its free. You could also pay for some Floyhub machine.


I played with training neural nets to perform OCR back in the late 80s on my ZX Spectrum. That had 128K of RAM and a processor that ran at 4Mhz

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