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How to start contributing to open source?

I have been programming in python for 3 years now and worked with Flask Framework, python's Data Analysis libraries(numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn) and some machine learning in scikit-learn but I still haven't contributed to any open source project and I really want to contribute back to Python community. I try to look at libraries and contribute but usually I don't understand the code.

Can someone help me with a beginner guide to open source projects?

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Nic Hartley

GitHub recently introduced a new default tag, "good first issue". I would look at any project you're interested in, and look for that tag. Of course, not all projects will have that, but those that do are generally pretty good about making sure it's accurate.

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Joseph Mancuso

If you are familiar with Python frameworks (since you used Flask), You can look at the Masonite codebase. I think the code is really clean and makes a lot of sense. Documentation is really great and I or other community members can answer any questions you need to in our Slack channel.

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Usually there is a "how to contribute" available in the project. Otherwise, check the open issues (if any) and patch one.

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Thanks, I will look into it.

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You can write document and some example to use this project.

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Suri Nuthalapati

You can checkout GitHub to contribute to Open Source projects: