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I am a self-taught software developer that loves to learn and is looking forward to sharing what I have learned.

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Full-Stack Developer at Lingo Live

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Who's participating in Hacktoberfest 2020?

I look forward to participating.

Recipe for Rails Backend

Thanks for sharing.

Celebrating 13K+ Followers on DEV

Congratulations. That must be an amazing feeling to know yo...

Coding after 40: Learning Ruby

Thanks for sharing this. Ruby is a great language to use. O...

How to create a basic search form and how to use Elasticsearch as an alternative.(Ruby on Rails)

Hey Victor, I appreciate the input and you taking the time...

Recording 100 bite-sized screencasts - lessons learned

Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I also think you ar...

10 lessons learned on a 12-year journey as a web developer

Thanks for sharing this.

Improve Your Algorithms with this Simple Equation

Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking to improve my ...

My 5 key takeaways from reading the Pragmatic Programmer

Thanks for sharing. It is on my list of books to read. I'm ...

What is Redis?

Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely look into it.

I Just Joined the DEV Team

Congratulations. Dev is such an amazing platform.

How often do you create a contact form for a website? How you do it? What's your stack ? What do you use to create it?

I don't make them very often. The most recent contact form ...

Building and Publishing my first Ruby Gem. (Also a tutorial)

Thank you.

BaseCS Season 2 Video Series Is Coming Your Way

Looking forward to this.

The Feed Algorithm šŸ¤–

Thanks for sharing this post. I have a better understanding...

The CodeNewbie Journey Continues

Congratulations and thanks for putting out such great conte...

Special Announcement from DEV

Congratulations to the DEV team and to @saronyitbarek . The...

How I Landed My First Web Developer Role Without A Degree or Bootcamp: Lessons Learned, Resources & Tips

Thanks for sharing your coding journey.

6 new habits Iā€™m building to level up as a junior developer

Thanks for sharing that. You posted things that I will defi...

The biggest aggregator of IT conferences

This is great. Thanks!

How to Write an Awesome GitHub README

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

8 books every junior developer should read

Thanks for sharing this list. I have a few on my list alrea...

Be more productive with these tools! ā„ļø January picks for you

Thanks for sharing. I recently found but I wi...

What are parameters and arguments?

Thank you for the kind feedback. :)