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Amazon Lightsail Free Credits Draw

Editor's Note

This article was originally published on and some of the links and references will refer back to that site.


I've been exploring the Amazon Lightsail services recently through these previous articles:

As part of the research, I've been fortunate enough to speak with a number of resources through my contacts in the AWS Community Builders Program. I've been provided two codes for $50 of credits for Amazon Lightsail services, and I want to pass them on to you, dear reader!

If you're hosting workloads on Amazon Lightsail, or want to try some of them out, then this is the draw for you.

The Draw

You can enter the draw at [removed]

Good luck, and I hope the winners build something cool with these credits. I'd love to hear about it!

Update - November 1

Congratulations to our two winners! I used a dice roller to randomly choose two winners, and have emailed them the codes.

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