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An Intro to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon SNS - Simple Notification Service

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Amazon SNS is a fully managed Serverless solution from AWS. A message publishing and processing service. As it’s a serverless solution, with automatic scaling. Also allows fanout to millions of consumers. SNS topics can be an event topic and consumers can subscribe to that topic.
It is recommended to use a standard topic (High Throughput) . For Security enable Encryption , SNS support in-transit encryption by default but enabling SSE helps to encrypt the topic at-rest
Enable Redrive Policy to send undeliverable messages to a dead-letter queue(resiliency).

Watch a 10 min intro from

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  • SNS support notification up to 12,500,000 per topic and 100,000 topics.
  • Subscribers can be HTTP(S), SMS, SNS Mobile Push, Email/Email-JSON, SQS, Lambda functions.
  • Pub / Sub Messaging
  • SNS can create public topics
  • SNS Supports Message archiving and analytics
  • SNS is serverless –Do not have to worry about scaling out
  • Message security Server-side encryption protects the contents of messages that are stored in Amazon SNS topics, using encryption keys provided by AWS KMS
  • Redrive policy (dead-letter queue) - optional, can Send undeliverable messages to a dead-letter queue.

Hands On Lab Links

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