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Trying Epsagon with Amazon Web Services

Epsagon Case Study:

Mac’s Game Board is an online gaming community that has been developed with Amazon Web Services (API Gateway, Lambda serverless, and Aurora RDS) with an HTML5/CSS3/jQuery front end. Prior to building this solution, I had never worked in AWS. I tried several services for monitoring lambda functions, Aurora RDS, and API gateways. Every service I tried had maybe one or two of the things I needed, but either didn’t have the third or wasn’t thorough enough to use.

Then enters Epsagon, referred to me by the guys over I decided to give Epsagon a try. Wow! That is the only word I can use. From the very easy-to-use interface to the powerful monitoring, logging, and alerting, I fell in love with this solution quickly. Now I am able to…


Prior to implementing Epsagon, I only had the monitoring that is built into AWS. Sure, it’s powerful, but its complicated interface made it difficult to get to the information I needed.


Prior to using Epsagon, when I added a new jQuery function, I had to write a TON of console.log statements, in order to understand what was happening when a function didn’t complete. Now that I have Epsagon, I am able to get to the heart of the problem super quickly. As you see below, you are able to see 1) the API gateway call, 2) the lambda response, and 3) the database call and response. This is invaluable information, when you are trying to troubleshoot failing functionality.

Gain visibility of my serverless architecture, during beta testing and production

As I move into beta testing and go-live, I have so much more confidence, now that I know I am able to see what is happening in real time. No more guessing what’s going on. I can watch data pass through each piece of my infrastructure.

Epsagon, while simple to access and use, is incredibly powerful, providing valuable insights into your application and infrastructure. To get started, all you have to do is click your functions and hit “auto trace.” It’s all automatic and transparent. I’m seriously impressed with this product!

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