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Two ways to AWS Resources' Drone View

Ever wondered to if you could see all the aws resources priced/not-priced under one single view? With time & need, we would have created resources in AWS account, but could not have known or guessed to see them all under one view. Well, let us see two ways of getting the view

Option 1 - View the resources in AWS management console

  • Login to your AWS account
  • From the "Find Services" search & click on "Tag Editor"

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  • AWS Resource Groups -> "Tag Editor" -> Console view is opened up
  • Search criteria for Region, AWS Resources, Tags as Optional are provided for filter(s). Click on "Search Resources" to get the list of resources based on search criteria provided

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  • For a full list of resources remove all filters and click on "Search Resources"

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Option 2 - Get the list of resources via awscli

  • configure & connect to aws cli using AWS IAM User/Role/SSO User
  • We will use the AWS Resource Tagging API to get list of resources via cli

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aws resourcegroupstaggingapi get-resources --profile <<profile-name>>
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P.S. Listing resources from cli would be region wise (in above) as I have configured the profile for one region

Happy Resources View !!

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