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User management with the AWS Amplify Admin UI instead as self sign up

In my web app, I use the authentification UI Compontents of Amplify. Without any configuration, this UI component comes with a signup link so that any person who knows the URL can signup for themself. However, this web app is for a certain group of users. That's why I want to create users who are allowed to sign in.

And this is now possible in an easy way via the new Amplify Admin UI.

The Amplify Admin UI

The Amplify Admin UI has a big set of functions. You can check the docs for more details or test it in a sandbox.
This post also gives an excellent overview.

Hide the signup link

At first, I had to hide the signup link to avoid that everyone can signup.

signin with signup

To hide the signup link is just one line.

    <AmplifySignIn hideSignUp="true" slot="sign-in" />
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More options are described in the docs

Then it looks like that.

signin without signup

Create a new user via Amplify Admin UI

If a new user is needed, you can create on via the Amplify Admin UI.
That you can use the Admin UI, it is just a click in the Amplify Console.

enabled admin ui

In the Admin UI, it's in the section user management. Click on "create user".

user management create user

Type in the user data. The user will get an email with the username and temporary password.

user management user data

User sign in process

Then the user can log in with his username and temporary password.

user signin tempory password

At the next screen, the user has to create a new password.

user signin new password

Two screens are left. One for the email verification...

user signin verify

...and the last one for the verification code.

user signin verification code

The last step is not necessary if the admin marks the email as verified.

admin verify email

That's it 🎉

user after signin

Invite User to the Admin UI

Now with the Admin UI, it is also possible to invite users as admins. Even without access to the AWS account.
See details here.


GitHub logo JohannesKonings / fff-badminton

An AWS Amplify Webapp for tracking badminton games based on the Creative Tim Template Material Dashboard React


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Join the chat at Chat

Material Dashboard React Tweet


The documentation for the Material Dashboard React is hosted at our website.

Technical description of the webapp


data model

data model

local dev

amplify mock
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npx cypress open
npm run cypress:open
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semantic release

GITHUB_TOKEN=<<GitHub token>> npx semantic-release --dry-run

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