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Call for India COVID-19 Warrior Story

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy but lend a helping hand Virtually to the needy!!

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The COVID-19 cry & call for help - that was heard outside, in the next country, state, city, street is now around the house, probably peeping in at some places.
Together let's fight this pandemic by helping each other.

Wondering what can we do as an individual & how ?


Beware of the below COVID Symptoms, get tested, be on self-isolation, take virtual consultation & medication as prescribed. Most importantly Rest Well!

Fever or cold or cough
Shortness of breadth
Dry throat
Red Eyes
Loss of taste and smell

Do keep Pulse oximeter & Thermometer close to monitor oxygen levels and temperature. Seek help when *meter friends alarm you.

And of-course take utmost care of your loved ones too!!


If you have come this far, then you are fit and fine. So far, So good?

As an #usergroups or #meetup member, the techies are always on top to Unlearn-Learn-Share. Now it's time to re-purpose your community spirit and channelize your energy to give a technical twist to support state or central government to fight against the pandemic. 

  • Look out for COVID-19 support groups or task force in your local community / office / state or central government initiatives to fight against COVID-19. Go, Join. 
  • If the deep rooted leader in you, aspires to do much more, then form a COVID-19 Task force team in your office or residential community, gather the following information, keep it handy and help as needed.
  1. Paid / Free TeleConsultation options
  2. Note down the state or city process to find the Hospital Beds (General , HDU, ICU, ICU-V)
  3. Find nearest testing centers
  4. Reliable source to rent / buy oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators
  5. Reliable source for plasma donors
  6. Reliable source to purchase COVID-19 related medicines
  7. Keep contact details of the food providing NGOs for the COVID infected people.
  8. COVID-19 vaccination process and centers

Wait not to see what COVID has in store,
Wake-up to wade the virus out of your vicinity!
Time to prove that techies are not just for whitecolor jobs
When you could figure-out myriad of ways to cope with "New Normal"
You could help re-image COVID free India!
Let your power packed network join hands today,
To fight against the invisible daemon,
Evolving as different variants.

Write to us the best success story of your role in helping India to fight against COVID-19 using your technical expertise and the most impactful India COVID-19 Warrior Story will stand a chance to win $50 AWS Credit and will be featured in our blogs too. 

Well, not just one time. We would love to learn your heroic act and honour for 3 months - May, June & July 2021.

Write your story to with 
Subject: India COVID-19 Warrior Story
Eligibility Criteria: India AWS User Group Member in one of the 17 cities
Writing Tips: Love to see data over adjectives, impact made over impressive words 
Winner: 1 winner per month will be given $50 AWS Credits and your story will be featured in AWS User Group Bengaluru Blog and AWS reSkill

We will pause our AWS User Group Bengaluru monthly meetups for 3 months to give all of us good time to serve our brethren.

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