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CloudWildBoar and 100% Availability

No system provides 100% availability, so the pragmatic question is whether or not CloudWildBoar delivers availability that is so high that most users don't worry about its outages. For example, given there are many sources of outages for an application, if CloudWildBoar is an insignificant contributor to its downtime, then users are correct to not worry about it.

CloudWildBoar does not exist. It is not a service on AWS (yet?) or any other cloud provider. I made it up.

The sentence is not mine, it originally referred to Google Spanner and it is from an old article “Inside Cloud Spanner and the CAP Theorem”.

But I always keep the sentence handy for any meetup, conference, tech discussion when someone asks or brags about availability, number of nines of a specific provider, database, service or feature.

AWS or any cloud provider and their specific services might have occasional failures and you should be aware of those. And there are limited scenarios where it really matters. But usually the weakest links are your own application and deployment.

Fix those, sit down and relax. And keep that sentence ready for your next chat.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash.

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