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Serverless - Beyond the Basics

Well folks, it appears the Serverless week for 90DaysOfDevOps has (already) come to an end. We have covered a ton of topics in serverless to get you started, and hopefully you're already well on your way to building your first serverless, event-driven application! We've defined what serverless means, we've talked about everything from lambda functions, to DynamoDB tables, Step Functions, EventBridge, and so many other core & supporting AWS services to aid in your development journey. Although it's been a very high-level overview, I truly hoped you have enjoyed our week together, and have learned a thing or two about serverless development. Even if you've left this week with more questions than answers, I would say I've done my job - which is, made you interested and curious enough about serverless to want to explore it even more!

Instead of going into a ton of depth on various topics in serverless on our last day, I thought it would be much more useful to provide you all with resources where you can go to learn more. The problem is, there is so much content, so many well-formed opinions, and tons of sample projects out there, I don't even know where to begin! I know that if I start to list out individuals or blogs, I am going to forget so many, and not give proper credit where credit is due, so instead, I will provide you with some places or projects to get started, and let you explore on your own and form your own thoughts & opinions. The only ask I have for you is this - please do your best to support and encourage diversity & our minority content creators. Too often I see folks share lists of their favorite people, accounts, conference talks, blogs, or open source projects, and there is no diverse representation. There are tons of incredible content creators (or to-be content creators!) of all different backgrounds and identities that never get enough credit, and if all of us can help in any small way, it can make a huge impact. I encourage you to take advantage of the comment section below to promote some of your favorite diverse individuals - I'd love to add them to my network too!

Group hug, since we're all friends now. Image via Unsplash.

Thanks again for taking this serverless journey with me this week, and please enjoy this list of more resources to explore. Until next time, my serverless friends!*

Resources to Learn More

  • Medium - Blogging platform with tons of great content
  • - Blogging platform with tons of great content, specific to developers
  • aCloudGuru - Video learning platform, great for certifications
  • ServerlessLand - All things serverless, resources & announcements from AWS
  • AWS Twitch - Space for podcasts, walkthroughs, and casual conversations with AWS employees
  • AWS Docs - Official documentation for all things AWS serverless
  • AWS Certifications - Explore getting certified
  • AWS Youtube - Great deep dive talks & features on AWS services from years past
  • AWS CDK - Infrastructure as Code tool, popular in serverless development
  • AWS SAM - Infrastructure as Code tool, specifically for serverless development
  • AWS User Groups - Get involved in your local community!
  • AWS Hero Program - Learn more about our community evangelists
  • AWS Community Builder Program - Keep this bookmarked for the next round of applicants

….and so much more out there for you to explore!

*This is part of a series that will be covered here, but I also encourage you to follow along with the rest of the series on 90DaysOfDevOps.

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