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Speaking at TEDx Youth@SSVM was an enthralling experience

My TEDx talk on Women's quest to self-empowerment is a tribute to aspiring women, #womenintech & #workingmoms to power themselves and empower millions. My special regards to #AWSCommunity #AWSHeros for giving me a global platform for my passion - technical presentations and creative writing.

How it all started?
The SSVM Institutions organised the first-of-its-kind, TEDx at the SSVM World School. TEDx is an Independently organised TED event, and SSVM proudly hosted it for its community.

TEDxYouth@SSVM, with its theme, Ever Higher, Better Ever, provided a platform for the inspiring speakers to use the world-class stage in spreading ideas that are worth sharing. The majestic journey was a culmination of different subjects from diverse perspectives inculcating intellectual flexibility.

The 17 speakers including parents, educators, alumni, and students who set the stage with world-changing ideas on Greenwashing, Inclusion, Social Framework, Minimalism, Check-listed childhood, Self-empowerment, Demystifying NFTs and many more.

Getting TEDx licenses wasn't easy. In addition to that selecting the speakers, preparing for rehearsal, and finally, the grand setup of the D-day was very well planned and coordinated. I had to visit SSVM World School 3 times as part of the process including the mega TEDx event and they did value our time.

Invite for Speaking at TEDx
Greatness lies not in being the first to host #TEDx in #coimbatore, but in delivering at its best with diverse speakers bringing in mind-blowing ideas from, T.P. Sreenivasan, Preethi Srinivasan and much more great speakers.
I was fortunate to witness the grandeur, listen to different voices and share my views on self-empowerment. My first ever non-tech talk on bigger stage.

Here is my TEDx Talk on the title Women's quest to self-empowerment

Bhuvana Speaking

Thank you for the wonderful certificate and appreciate your green initiative in giving glass bottles for all attendees and speakers, encouraging them to refill to quench their thirst.


Green initiative

Memorable Pic
Since we enrolled our kids at SSVM School, I have been watching and following SSVM Managing Trustee Dr Manimekalai Mohan, who has redefined educational excellence by providing world-class education in and around Coimbatore and become a voice and pillar of support for women educators. It was a pleasure to receive an invite from Madam herself and Principal Suguna Devi Mam to speak at TEDxYouth@SSVM.

But meeting her in person, having a wonderful conversation and a memorable photo was indeed the highlight and best movement of the TEDxYouth@SSVM for me.
Loved the warmth and care from a fellow SSVM parent and TEDx speaker, Mrs. Priya Senthil.


My lovely boy
I always enjoy taking my boys - Sharvesh and Yoogesh along with me when I visit colleges for guest lecture. Wondering they are in hostel now and missing to be part of my TEDx talk.
To my surprise, when I got down from stage after my talk, was delighted to see Sharvesh standing there with a joy. Thanks to Principal Suguna Devi mam for sending Sharvesh along with few more children from SSVM Residential School. Thanks to Mr. Jesinirmal Sir and other staffs for escorting the kids.

Sharvesh and me

Honourable guest - T P Sreenivasan
We generally get to see the chief guest on stage or at distance when he or she walks in to the auditorium just before the start of the conference.

I was amazed when Mr. T P Sreenivasa, a former ambassador and permanent representative of India to the United Nations, had arrived well ahead of the start time, came around the TEDx attendees and speakers, introduced himself and spoke to everyone.

What matters is not how tall you grow, but how grounded you stay.

SSVM Managing Trustee, Dr Manimekalai Mohan, felicitated Ambassador T.P. Sreenivasan as he inaugurated our the first TEDx Event!


Meeting a Phoenix Bird, Ms.Preethi Srinivasan
What more motivation you need than meeting Ms. Preethi Srinivasan who as turned all the adversities into opportunities like a phoenix bird, now running her trust soulfree to improve the quality of life for the people with spinal cord injury.
I started my session talking about 3 stellar, J.K.Rowling, Mary Kom, and Dr.Malavika Iyer women who have powered themselves to empower millions. In-line with that I could also pay my respect and share my joy for Ms. Preethi Sriniasan mentioning about her grit. Also was glad to be part of her wonderful, emotional session to know more about her journey.

Whenever people ask me how I am able to balance several roles. The only answer I give is, fortunately we have strong hands and legs, best education, great job, and lovely kids. What iss the problem to taking care of god given gifts?
Of course thats very true after meeting Ms. Preethi.

An unforgettable picture for Priya and myself indeed.


Elite Speakers
Proud to be one among the elite speakers!


Thank you, SSVM Team
We all grew up in getting on to stage for a speech or cultural appearance during Independence day or Republic day or Annual day. Look at the transformation now that how many of our school children and staff got a global platform to speak. A big salute to SSVM Group of Institutions for bringing the best in class event to Coimbatore.

Many thanks to Dr Venunadha B pillai and Dr Hussaina Azgar for driving the TEDxYouth@SSVM gracefully.

SSVM is definitely a go to place for sure, if you would want your child to be an all rounder and super confident 🥰.


TEDx Speakers Poster


Priya Senthil

Speaker 1

Speaker 2


All over coimbatore was talking about TEDxYouth@SSVM and I got couple of dailies on the way back home after the event.


Here is few online media coverage

Talks at TEDxYouth@SSVM

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