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Tutorials for getting started on AWS

Have you been looking to get started on AWS? Not sure how to start building applications using the services available?

Getting your hands dirty so to speak - is always the best way to learn anything. Building applications using the services on AWS will go a long way towards helping you get started.

I have relied on tutorials a lot to help with learning new services and AWS has a tutorial available for probably just about any topic you want :)

I was looking to learn Amplify; tons of resources are available on Amplify - and I was very happy to come across the tutorial that I used here. It not only helped me get started on Amplify, but also taught me how this service integrates with other services on AWS.

Now that I've done it, I've been wondering what took me so long??!!:)

This is the tutorial I used, and the steps are super easy to follow - I will therefore not repeat the steps here.

Below is the architecture that you will end up with at the end of the process:
Alt Text

Next Steps

Now that I have built this web application, I am looking to continue working on it as a way of teaching myself other services.

I am looking to improve on it as follows:

  • Secure it on the internet against DDoS attacks, SQL injections etc. with the AWS Web Application Firewall

  • Include SSM Parameter Store to store all credentials, passwords etc.

  • Register a domain on Route53 for a more user-friendly web name for my application

  • and lastly, include AWS KMS to ensure encryption of data as a way of protecting against data loss.

Check the link >>> for all hands-on tutorials on AWS for all learning needs

Happy learning!

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Thanks for sharing and best of luck on your objectives, looking forward to your progress :)