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Look At GreenHatFiles Games

Green Hat Files is a fun and exciting game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This innovative and addictive game is based on the classic game "Hide and Seek". The game has been remade in the form of Green Hat Fortunes and is free to download. The first of the five characters is the most active in the game and therefore you will have to save her from all kinds of danger.

The exciting part of the game is that you can choose to be either the green character or the cat. The green avatar looks very realistic and is thus very easy to get along with. You will definitely need some time to get to know this interesting character. The other six characters have different characteristics and are therefore not as easy to get along with.

GreenHatFiles Games Review

The main story line in the game revolves around the exploration of a strange planet and the search for the green character. The avatar starts at the bottom of the screen and needs to travel up to the top to find the green object. There are several levels to the game. The further you progress, the more difficult the puzzles become.

The iPhone version of Green Hat Fortunes has the usual obstacle course type layout. You need to use the maps available in the App in order to direct your ways to the goal. You will have a few options available when you select maps. The first choice determines the level design. Next you can choose the difficulty level. The last two choices will set the mood of the game and provide you with the options for the next level.

If you want to play the puzzle games on the iPad, the iPhone version of Green Hat Files is very enjoyable games. It has the same graphics and storyline as the iPhone version. However, there is an option provided in the iPhone app that enables you to turn off the motion detection. This was a feature I did not like on the competing iPhone games.

The game is free, so it doesn't take much of your time. You can also track your progress in the game and the next level automatically. The controls are smooth and responsive, but it can be difficult at times to aim your shots. Fortunately, the various hints and tips are plentiful on the iPad version, so the game will be more fun if you enjoy playing with the motion detector.

While the iPhone version has the similar obstacle course type layout, the iPad version adds a whole new dimension by allowing you to race against the clock. The game is split into chapters, and you move from one chapter to another by tapping on the map. The landscape changes each time, so you must keep track of the changing landscape in order to be successful. You also get to track your times online. This helps you see how you are improving and what you need to learn.

The iPhone version of Green Hat Fortunes is the least interactive, but it does have more of the addictive quality that makes the games so popular in the first place greenhatfiles games. Whether you like simple games or more complex ones, you are sure to find something you enjoy playing with the iPad versions of Green Hat Fortunes. It is a fun time and an excellent way to improve your skills as a real player.

If you prefer something that you can play with friends while driving to and from work, the iPad version of Green Hat Fortunes gives you that. You can race against the computer or another player, and once you beat the computer you move on to the next level. You even have the option of racing against other people who sign up to the game using your iPad. If you want to try that out, all you have to do is log on and find an open seat on the game and click on the game icon to begin. That is about all there is to it.

In addition to racing and winning, you can also choose to play other challenges through the iPad version of the game. Some of these include trying to get the lowest total score possible, the longest amount of levels and the quickest time. You can also find two other games that are similar to Green Hat Fortunes in the App Store. The first one is called Treasure Isle and the second is called Blast Island. Both are very popular games and you might find yourself playing them more than you already do.

Final Words

For those who prefer to play the games online, they should go to the official website for the game and sign up for a free account. Once you have signed up, you will be able to access all of the features. Once you have logged in and started playing, you can select which type of game you would like to play and then select a screen name and a password to protect your account. Once you have protected your account, you can then log on at any time to play.

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