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re: I was a fresher. I joined a team, which had build an event driven system. There was an event store .. Unluckily, all senior devs left the team whe...

all senior devs left the team when I joined

That sounds super stressful. Just dropping everything in your lap, then leaving. It must have been rough :(


An acquisition happened. The Big company Ora--e to blame. All senio devs left
Managed 4 microservices.

Later left the company due to poor management and then joined a startup. Now i know DDD and event sourcing quite a bit :).

I must say, i was so naive as a fresh out of college guy. Simply deleted event store 😑. I thought how dumb it is to have it in the first place.

Currently i am working in a company where the architect of that design is CTO and when i told my story to him, his reaction was "Did you really just deleted my event store without knowing why it is used 🤦‍♂️"

I only recently started working with microservices and I think event sourcing is really cool. I could see how it would seem kind of weird and useless to a beginner, though.

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