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My Favourite Library For Providing Logging In & Logging Out With Google Functionalities In My React Apps

Hi I'm Aya Bouchiha, I decided to share with you my favorite react library for providing logging in and logging out with google functionalities in my react apps which is react-google-login.



npm i react-google-login
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yarn add react-google-login
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Login code

If you don't have a client Id, please check this article: how to get google client id and client secret.

import GoogleLogin from 'react-google-login';

const Login = () => {
    const handleSuccess = (response) => {
        alert("you're logged in successfully!");
    const handleFailure = () => {
        alert('something went wrong');

    return (
                // you client Id
                // for calling onSuccess callback when the page load to keep the user logged in.
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Logout code

import { GoogleLogout } from 'react-google-login';
const Logout = () => {
    const handleLogout = () => {
        alert("you're logged out!!!");
    return (
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Have a nice day

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