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AzureFunBytes - 1:1 Guest Stream: Azure Fundamentals and Microsoft Learn


This week we have an extra stream with guest, Mike Giralico.

Mike's taken on the Azure Fundamentals learning path on Microsoft Learn. We'll go through a module together and talk about some of the foundations of Azure he's learned about. We talk about some hardcore punk music, our history of online community and what's next for Mike.

You can always be part of the stream just like Mike! Reach out on Twitch or Twitter:

Links for you!

Introduction to the core Azure Storage services

What is Azure Blob storage?

Introduction to Azure managed disks

Microsoft Learn: Core Cloud Services - Azure data storage options

Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft LearnTV 24*7 streaming Azure content

Get $200 in free Azure credit along with 12 months of free services

Watch live at

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