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AzureFunBytes - Office Hours with @jaydestro on @Azure, DevOps, more...

jaydestro profile image Jay Gordon ・1 min read

Welcome to my office hours. I'll be spending some time with you while I do some cleanup - feel free to ask questions or even jump into the video chat. Happy to have you take part in fixing a problem or learning about @Azure.

AzureFunBytes! - Byte-sized content with a live Twitch show!

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EDT Thursday. You can also find the recordings there as well.


Join me, ask questions, and learn about Azure!

Useful Docs:
Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure: $200 Free Credit
Infrastructure as Code
ARM template documentation
What are ARM templates?
Frequently asked questions about ARM templates

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Jay Gordon


I am a Cloud Advocate with Microsoft Azure. I want you to get the most out of what you build. People and their journey into the cloud are my passion.

Microsoft Azure

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