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It's still Friday.

It's still Friday. That's right.

In my blog post, Take the day off I tried to share my thoughts on taking time off while dealing with the "sameness" of being in lockdown.

My week as an Azure Cloud Advocate is spent helping others learn about the cloud through videoes, blogs, presentations, and conversations. My weeks seem longer lately because I am working more. Not because anyone has demanded I work more, but simply because there's more time to use in my day.

Today is still Friday, and for many people, it represents the end of the week. While we can toil away at our computers on the weekend, it's good to remember that you can relax. You can take some time off.

Being in New York City, my options are pretty limited. The weather is looking up and that means the city can become my hangout. My wife, my pug Rico and I will do our best to remind ourselves that there's still a world to enjoy. We'll pop by the local bar for takeout and a cocktail. I'm hoping for a picnic in the sun in a nice isolated area and enjoying what we still have.

Then there's some reading I should do. I have been holding on to a copy of The Unicorn Project that really could use a read. Also, I've been watching Ozark on Netflix, compelling stuff. Even from home, I am able to just relax with a good book or some exciting TV, and some time to think.

Don't forget to exercise! All the work indoors at your desk, couch or bed can become draining. Finding an outlet to get the body moving if you are physically capable is helpful! Even some light stretching, some breathing or some meditation can help you find that balance. Some friends have taken to yoga classes they see on YouTube. There are so many options even from your living room to keep yourself occupied and healthy during this strange time.

Mental health is important, your time off is to help benefit your mental health. Your managers and leaders should encourage you to find this time off and appreciate it. This is when you rest, recharge and prepare for the best work you can do next week.

I try to find some separation from the work I do. It's tough too. How do you know when the day ends? I continue to find ways to remind myself that there's a big world and I have lots of living to do in it.

What's your plan for the weekend, how will you unwind?

Talk to me about how you plan to walk away from your code and enjoy the world, even from home. How will you spend your weekend to unwind?

Since it's still Friday, that means you can still get some work done before you hit your rest button. If you'd like to spend some time on cool modules to get started with Azure, check out Microsoft Learn Azure Fundamentals. It's free training and will get you a $200 free credit and 12 months of free services for Azure.

Go chill afterward though, it IS Friday.

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