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Take the day off

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that through all of the madness in the world, you can take the day off. I travel a lot, I meet people, I spend time discussing Azure as a part of my role as a Cloud Advocate. Since returning from Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Copenhagen, I've been in New York City in about a quarter mile space. Thanks to the work I am able to do, I am thriving by creating blog posts on, making YouTube videos and helping people learn about technology.

Doing this all from home is pretty normal for me. I have been working from my apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan for almost two years. It's been a joy to be able to spend more time with my pug Rico and see my wife when she returns from work every day. With that came regular travel. So being able to break up my time, even thought I worked from home, was manageable. If I wasn't traveling for work, I was taking short trips to find some time to decompress.

Rico and I by the South Street Seaport.

Now, the days are a tad harder to break up. I notice myself working quite a bit. Not out of demand, but out of the idea that I need to do something. One of my faults is I do not recognize that I am throwing myself a bit too much into it and not taking a moment to recognize the other parts of life.

So I did myself a favor. I made a repository, with a script to remind myself... take the day off.

Take the day off

There is nothing to do. You have today off.


clone this repo

git clone
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Open a terminal and run

cd takethedayoff
sh ./
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run the script


I needed a reminder that sometimes there are days off. Feel free fork, and make it with your own favorite language. The shell I did this in was the Azure Cloud Shell. You can get $200 in credit and run the script there or in your favorite terminal.

Please let me know about what you do. How you fork this. What makes this all easier in times of uncertainty. Send me a tweet or leave a comment. Also don't forget that you can now register for Microsoft Build 2020, an all digital event, for free! Can't wait to see all the amazing presentations!

Take the day off.

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thaednevol profile image
Edwin Hurtado

Great idea! Sometimes we need to remember the importance of taking care of our mental health!

I couldn't check this repo because I don't have right permissions, so I checked like

git clone

And I'm going to take my day off...


madeby7pace profile image
Devs @ 7pace

Such a good reminder that we are people and not machines. We did a company poll and over 90% of our employees answered that they are working more these days, not only because we are a service for remote workers, but also because they're stuck at home anyway.