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Serverless September 2020: Call for Contributions

TL;DR: Fill the call for contributions form for Serverless September 2020

Serverless September is our once in a year opportunity to keep talking about Serverless to our friends without feeling bad about it. To make things more exciting, we get the entire month of September, for 30 days, to tell the community how we are using Serverless.

The Serverless initiative was started by Emily Freeman and the one thing I really loved about it is that it is a very chilled and relaxed content initiative.

At the end of 30 days, you have access to a fresh pool of Serverless content from:

  1. Enterprises
  2. Startups
  3. Hobbyists
  4. NGOs
  5. and the entire Serverless community

All sharing their experiences and perspective on how Serverless has either helped them fixed a tiny issue or has changed their entire life.

Who can participate?

Serverless September content has always been open to everyone regardless of your experience level, choise of cloud provider, technical background, or language. Yes, language! And by language, I am not talking about the kinds that end with the word “sharp” or “script”. I am referring to the kind you speak and comfortable teaching or sharing with.

That said, the community genuinly wants to hear your thoughts or learn from your experience. Let us know through the call for contributions form if you are interested.

What’s new in 2020?

  • A website to track submissions
  • Live streaming on Fridays

A new website

Actually a first website!

This year and henceforth, you will be able to track submissions on an official website which we will make public in September.

Serverless September Fridays

Every Friday until the end of September, we will live stream hacking the best and most interesting bits of Serverless that I bet you don’t know. More details on this will be coming soon and you can watch out for the #ServerlessSeptember or #ServerlessSeptemberFriday hastag for updates

What are the boring bits?

  • Official submissions
  • Community contributions
  • Where to publish

Official submissions vs community contributions

Serverless September has always been first come, first serve and we intend to keep it that way. All articles and videos that were pitched through the contribution form are selected per first come, first serve.

There is an exception to this rule. In as much as we strongly want to have a first come, first serve content pipeline, there are chances that this will not make an inclusive list of contributors. That said, we might prioritize inclusion over first come, first serve rule if we realize that the top list is not inclusive.

There are 18 working days in September (excluding Fridays) that we publish each first come, first serve contribution, therefore, we have 18 slots for these kind of submissions. These 18 contributions are what we refer to official submissions.

Community contributions are content created by anyone who is was not in the first 18 submissions. All community contributions will be promoted by the community as along as the author uses the #ServerlessSeptember hashtag while sharing in all social media or distribution channels.

Where to publish

Literally anywhere! If you are writing an official post, publish anywhere and we can syndicate on If you are a community contributor, publish anywhere but share on social media with #ServerlessSeptember so we can find you and promote as well.

How to publish

Just like “where to publish”, you have absolute freedom of how you want to present your content. Livestream, blogs, videos, podcasts, are all equally exciting.

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fitzycodesthings profile image
John "Fitzy" DeLancey

Well hot damn! I happened to decide this morning to livestream creating some Azure Function Templates with DI, options, and CI/CD (mostly for my own use, but I'll share) and post about it here on Dev.

Will be sure to include the hashtag (and follow along as I'm new to serverless). Cool stuff!

vicradon profile image
Osinachi Chukwujama