Start Contributing to Node.js in the New Year

Tierney Cyren on January 28, 2019

The Node.js project is a sprawling community effort that spans 162 repositories in the Node.js GitHub organization, excluding the Express and lib... [Read Full]
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Hey, Tireney! 🙌

Super nice post. Thanks for writing this. Now, I have a place to redirect everyone who asks me about how to get started with open source contribution on ⬡.js (totally copied you here!)

Peace! ✌️


Glad I could help you out, and always happy to help anyone else who may be interested in contributing! Please don't hesitate to send 'em my way ❤️


Where is the best place for a junior to contribute to?


The Automation Team and CITGM would likely both be good places because they're smaller groups that have more focused scopes.

Automation contributions are more around workflows and don't necessarily require building Node.js itself, and CITGM contributions are relatively small, bite-sized chunks.


Great post, thanks for this! I've been looking for a project to dive into and start contributing, and I use and enjoy Node, so this is really helpful. I like the idea of the mentorship program, and I just applied to be a mentee. It would be great to have guidance so I can get a handle on the codebase and start making worthwhile contributions. Thanks again!


Great post!

What if I have very little experience but I want to start contributing since now? I should wait?


You're more than welcome to contribute! There are multiple areas that could totally benefit from your help ❤️


Awesome! I was thinking maybe I could start in Automation or seeing which documentation "Good first issue" I can fix.😁


I'll have more free time very soon, so as a long time Node.js user, I will absolutely take a look at all this and try to contribute to something.

Thank you so much for all the resources !


Thanks for the post, now I Know how I can contribute to nodejs.

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Here my ❤️


ps: I'm not fans of node.js for me, node is cancer.


Not sure I understand your hate for Node.js, I find node to be amazing at building quick prototypes and microservices that are not at the mercy of extensive/verbose (looking at you Java) frameworks.

I wouldn't necessarily try to scale up a node.js app too much but I think it definitely brings something good to the table


Why the hate, man? I'm sure thousands of people consider your favorite technology "cancer".

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