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Tech Exceptions Show: Microsoft for Startups: Autonomous Driving Program

" Autonomous vehicles represent a digital transformation that will enable safer roads, efficient cities, and a cleaner environment. This technology space is unique, with a complex set of challenges and sophisticated solutions. That is why we have created an exclusive program, specifically designed to empower startups in this space. "

This week I set down to a copy break with my colleague Aditya Sharma Sr. PM at Microsoft.

Aditya has an interesting story about how actively grows his career.
He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University where he Majored in Robotics. After a couple of years, he joined Microsoft as an Intern for 4 Months and later joined the Microsoft Garage.

After hours, he studied with his friends everything they could have find about Autonomous Driving, and shared it in a github repository
He, later on, merged it to the Microsoft Autonomous Driving Cookbook.

There he builds the Autonomous Driving for Startups Program.

Aditya and I recorded the conversation, 15:09 min so you can watch and learn as well during your coffee break.

We hope you will enjoy it and happy to take your career and startup questions at @adipolak and @TechExceptions

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